Trio Purple Martin Castle Safety System with Pole, 24 room🚛

Trio Purple Martin Castle Safety System with Pole, 24 room? - World of Birdhouses SALE

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  • Made from durable aluminum, helps dissipate any heat buildups in the compartments. 
  • The lightweight house is safe to raise and lower on the included winch and cable system. This system is safe for all ages interested in becoming or remaining a martin landlord, 
  • The entrance holes are spaced approximately 8" apart to discourage male martin domination.
  • Each of the twenty four compartments has individual, flip-up/snap-out doors for easy access, and Dri-nest subfloors keep nests 0.25" above the floor for additional drainage.   
  • An included ground socket provides stability to the pole. Included door stops help you close the home for the winter.Assembly required. 

Package Contents: 1 twenty four compartment house, 24 Dri-nest subfloors, 24 winter door stops, 1 fourteen foot pole, 1 winch and cable system, 1 two foot long ground socket
Openings: 2.125" dia.
Apartment Size: 6"L x 6"W at front x 6"H
Dimensions: 29"W x 34"H
Mounting: pole mount
Construction: aluminum
Shipping Weight: 65 lbs


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