S and K Round Entry Door Plugs, Set of 16

S and K Round Entry Door Plugs, Set of 16

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  • Quickly and easily close your existing S&K martin house or gourds with round  entry door plugs.
  • This set of 16 plastic discs may be used with select S&K martin houses or gourds with round entry holes.
  • The two tabs at the base of each plug insert into the 2" diameter entry of your existing martin home, and the top clip keeps it securely attached.
  • The ivory hue of each plug blends with the color of the S&K Natural Gourd Kit, S&K Purple Martin Barn, and S&K Purple Martin House.
  • The plastic body of each remains durable, for use all winter.
  • Prevent unwanted birds from overtaking your S&K purple martin house or gourds with round entries using these Round Entry Door Plugs.
  • Made in the USA.


  •  2.25" dia. x 0.5"D each


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