S and K Crescent Door Plugs, Set of 16

S and K Crescent Door Plugs, Set of 16 SALE

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  • Easily close the starling resistant entrance doors in your existing S&K purple martin house with these S&K Crescent Door Plugs.
  • Comes as a set of 16 plugs.
  • Easily covers the starling resistant openings on your existing S&K Purple Martin Barn house, allowing you to leave it up during the winter without fear of starlings or sparrows overtaking it.
  • The package also provides enough covers for two of the S&K Farm and Home or S&K Great Eight martin house, each with 8 rooms.
  • The bottom and top tabs clip on securely to your martin house,.
  • .The crescent shape fully covers the starling resistant entries on the home, and are simple to remove when it is time for your martins to return.
  • Stop starlings and sparrows from overtaking your S&K Purple Martin Barn, S&K Farm and Home, or S&K Great Eight martin house in the winter with these Crescent Door Plugs.
  • Made in the USA.


  •  3.375"L x 0.625"D x 1.5"H


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