Premier Chick Heating Plate Kit (50 Chicks)

Premier Chick Heating Plate Kit (50 Chicks)


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  • A great alternative to a heat lamp. Less of a fire risk. A heating plate simulates a hen keeping chicks warm beneath her feathers.
  • Warms up to 50 chicks. Uses only 66 watts/hr.
  • Chicks stay warm by contact with the warm underside of the plate. The bottom-side surface of the heating plate will reach approximately 125 degrees when fully heated.
  • Height easily adjusts from 1.5" - 6" using adjustable legs to accommodate the size of your chicks.
  • Allow the plate 1 hour to heat the unit before placing the chicks under it.
  • Heating plate is made of ABS plastic and polyurethane insulation. 


  • 29.0 x 17.5 x 9.5 inches


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