Nature House Mini-Castle Safety System with Pole, 12 Room🚛

Nature House Mini-Castle Safety System with Pole, 12 Room? - World of Birdhouses SALE

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  • The entrance holes are spaced approximately 8" apart to discourage any male martin domination. 
  • Made out of durable aluminum, helping to dissipate any heat buildups in the compartments.   
  • Simple to raise and lower with the included lanyard lock system.  Attach the rope to the included lock system, and loosen it when you need to check the house for nests and cleanouts.
  • This system is safe for people of all ages interested in becoming or remaining a martin landlord.
  • Each of the twelve compartments has individual, flip-up/snap-out doors for easy access, and Dri-nest subfloors to keep nests 0.25" above the floor for additional drainage.
  • Twelve door stops help you close the home for the winter, and one level of the home arrives fully assembled for your convenience. 
  • Assembly is required.
  • Made in the USA!

Package Contents: 1 twelve compartment house, 12 Dri-nest subfloors, 12 winter door stops, 1 seventeen and a half foot pole, 1 rope lanyard lock system, 1 two foot long ground socket, 1 vocal CD, 1 decoy, 1 martin handbook
Openings: 2.125" dia.
Apartment Size: 6"L x 6"W at front x 6"H
Dimensions: 29"W x 22"H
Mounting: pole mount
Construction: aluminum
Shipping Weight: 43 lbs


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