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Hobbit House/Green🚛
Hobbit House/Green🚛

Hobbit House/Green🚛

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  • The Hobbit House is painted in mint green and has high-end details to give it a rich look.
  • Roofed with western red cedar shingles.
  • Includes a little porch and side balconies.
  • Has a removable back wall for easy cleaning.
  • The entry hole is 1.25″
  • Birdhouse stand is not included


14. 5″ H X 7. 5″ W X 12. 5″ D


Please allow 2 - 9 business days for delivery.


Customers living outside of the USA.  Please be warned duties and fees can add up to the same price as this item.  You will be charged upon delivery.

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