Heath Deluxe Purple Martin Gourd

Heath Deluxe Purple Martin Gourd
Heath Deluxe Purple Martin Gourd

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  • Help martins colonize in your garden by placing this Heath Deluxe Purple Martin Gourd.
  • It is a hardy, molded plastic unit, full of wonderful features!
  • 9" deep chamber. to provide plenty of nesting area.
  • Crescent shaped entry hole, which is known to be starling resistant.
  • The landing platform has a textured finish that mimics cobblestone for birds to easily grip. OR the landing platform can be removed.
  • The gourd is molded around the entry hole, to help prevent rain from entering inside.
  • If moisture does get inside, on the base of the gourd are holes to help keep the nest dry
  • A side, threaded access port with a screw-on cap makes nest checks and maintenance simple.
  • The beige color helps the interior remain cool.
  • Predrilled holes at the top of the gourd, accommodates a 3/8" diameter hanging rod.
  • The entry hole is 3"Wide x 1.25"High Crescent. 


  • 16"L x 9.5"W x 14"H


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