Heath Aluminum 24-Room Deluxe Martin HousešŸš›

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  • This top-quality, easy to clean house is constructed of rust-free aluminum to dissipate heat.Ā  Has a ventilation hole to help with interior temperature.
  • Each of the twenty-four trapezoid-shaped apartments measures 9" wide at the front, 3" wide at the back, 6" deep, and 6" tall.
  • All the porches of the three story house feature drainage holes in front of the 2.25" diameter entranceĀ holes.
  • Has aĀ sturdy plastic perch rails for maximum comfort.Ā 
  • Comes with door stops to seal the house to prevent other birds from taking over, once the purple martins have migrated.
  • Mount this house with the Heath Martin House PoleĀ Ā Ā  (Not Included) in an open space in your lawn.
  • Screwdriver and pliers required for assembly.Ā 

Openings: 2.25" dia.
Apartment Size: 9"W at front, 3"W at back, 6"D, 6"H
Dimensions: 27"L x 26"W x 32.75"H
Mounting: mounts on pole with 1.25" outer diameter, extending up through house, no mounting plate required
Construction: aluminum and plastic
Shipping Weight:Ā 17 lbs


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