Birds Choice Purple Martin House 2 Floor & 4 Room Suite

Birds Choice Purple Martin House 2 Floor & 4 Room Suite



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  •  Model Birds Choice PMW2ASSEM
  • The Waters Edge suite is one of the most scientifically proven houses available.
  • The 6 x 12 suite concept utilizes two compartments per family offering an entry room and a nesting room.
  • How this birdhouse works, is the martins enter through the starling resistant entry hole, From the entry room they travel 90 degrees through a 214 opening into the nesting room with an elevated sub floor with nesting trays.
  • This design provides greater protection from natural predators such as owls coons and hawks.
  • This house has porch dividers. hinged clean out doors, guard rails, top perch and an all aluminum base plate. 
  • 2 room suites
  • All cool aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Reflective roof
  • Ceiling panel for proper ventilation.
  • The house is designed to fit PMULT14 HD12 Telescoping Poles.
  • Factory assembled with rivets.
  • Made In The USA!


  • 20" X 15" X 20" 


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