Audubon Recycled Plastic Bluebird House♻️

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  •  Has a  1.5" diameter entrance hole.
  • A mesh panel on the interior of the home rests under the entrance hole, offering a grip for fledglings when it is time for them to leave the nest.
  • A slight overhang on the green roof keeps the interior dry, and small
  • Both ventilation and drainage slots are provided.
  • Made out of 90% ♻️post consumer plastic.
  • Will not rot, peel, chip, or warp, for a long lasting place for bluebirds to nest from year to year.
  • The exterior is textured to resemble the look of actual lumber, and the green roof contrasts the brown house for added interest.
  • Two drilled holes on the back of the shelter allow it to be post mounted with the two included screws.
  • Made in the USA!