Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath with Plastic Pedestal

Allied Precision Heated Bird Bath with Plastic Pedestal SALE

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  • The bowl has a textured surface with a contoured rim, allowing birds to have a secure grip, so they can have a safe bath.
  • The basin is 18.75” in diameter, with a gradual slope to a 1.75" deep reservoir. This enables small birds to bathe, as well as large birds to drink and preen with ease.
  • The hidden heating element uses 150 Watts of power, and automatically turns on when the water temperature nears freezing.
  • This bird bath will keep the water free of ice on even the coldest days, and the unit has been fully tested in sub-zero conditions to ensure it will not crack.
  • The bowl securely attaches to the included plastic pedestal.
  • Comes with a plug on the base of the pedestal to plug in your extension cord (not included)
  • The pedestal can be filled with sand or gravel for added weight,
  • Also included is hardware to attach the bath to your deck rail! 
  • Made in the USA.
  • Comes with a manufacture One year warranty.