If this is your first time purchasing a Purple Martin birdhouse or a landlord of existing Martin houses. You have a variety of choices to choose from, such as decorative, wooden, plastic and metal. With either round holes or crescent shaped holes. Sometimes you have the option of getting both holes and switching them out when you feel it is necessary. You also can get accessories for your houses, to help keep the martins more protected.

Purple Martin House are made out of aluminum, thick plastic, wood, and also natural gourds, which are all suitable materials for Purple Martin Houses. Below is a brief description of each of the materials, with the option to browse more houses made out of each material.

Decorative Purple Martin Houses - World of Birdhouses

Decorative Houses

Even though most purple martin houses are decorative. There tends to be some that add a bit more detail. These decorative houses are usually made out of wood.

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Wooden Purple Martin House - World of Birdhouses

Wooden Houses

Wooden houses can offer great insulation properties, by keeping warm inside on colder days, and help stay cool on warmer days. Wooden houses can come with either round or crescent entry holes. The houses are usually made out of pine or cedar. Wooden house are much more heavier than plastic or metal house and every few years they need to be re-painted or stained.

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Aluminum Purple Martin Houses

Metal Houses

Metal Purple Martin houses are usually made from aluminum, so they are not as heavy as a wooden house, but they do not provide the same insulation properties as a wooden house. But metal homes usually come with good ventilation holes to help keep the martins from over heating. Aluminum is a great material for outdoor use, so it will last a long time. Metal houses can come with round or crescent holes. Some metal houses are built so you can add another addition in the future.

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Plastic Purple Martin Houses

Plastic Houses

Plastic Purple Martin houses are usually made out of a plastic that is durable and UV protected. They are easy to put together and can come with round or crescent holes. Some plastic houses are built so you can add an additional level to the house, once your colony of purple martins have expanded. Some of the plastic purple martin houses offer you the option of keeping the traditional 6" x 6" compartment or transforming the compartment to a larger size.

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