If this is your first time purchasing a Purple Martin Gourd or a owner of existing gourd houses, you have a basically two styles to choose from. One being more modern that is made out of durable plastic and the other being the original gourd, that is natural and you can custom design it. The plastic gourds can be purchased with round holes or crescent shaped holes. Some gourds come with an option of placing a porch at the entry hole.

Plastic Gourds

Plastic Gourds are made out of durable plastic that can include UV Inhibitors to protect the gourd from from fading in color. Some gourds come with more options than others and have slight differences in shapes. Gourds can be hung as a group, or they can be hung under a conventional purple martin houses.

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Natural Gourds

Some tribes like the Choctaw and Chickasaw use to hang natural gourds on the branches of bare saplings to attract Purple Martins. Some villages where even known to use natural guards so they could attract Purple Martins to chase crows away from their corn fields and to chase vultures away that came near the village.

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