One of the best and important ways to attract birds to your yard, is with water. Running water attracts more birds to your yard than standing still water. The reason is, the motion of the water catches a birds eye and they are able to hear the sound of water at quite a distance, which will attract a wide range of songbirds. Running water is more likely to stay cleaner and less likely to harbor parasites or bacteria.


With either an LED  standing still bird bath or an LED running water bird bath, bring light or add an extra lighted item to your yard.  With a fountain bird bath, watch the water flow down the tiers in the middle of the night.  Or with a LED standing bird bath, see how the LED's will lighten up the bird bath in your yard.


Solar Bird Bath

Be Eco-Friendly with a solar powered bird bath.  Using the sun to power the water pump in the bird bath fountain.  Advantages of a solar bird bath allows you to place the bath anywhere in your yard, without having  extension cords running through out your yard. Nor do you have to do any underground electrical plumbing to the bird bath.  Some solar baths only work when the sun is out and others have a battery that the sun charges, so the bath can still run during cloudy days.  This particular bath in the picture, gives you the option of using solar power to run the bath or you can use the electrical adapter on cloudy days or later in the evening.


Standing bird baths are bird baths that have no electrical or solar pumps.  They can be one complete unit with a stand and bath, or it can be in two separate pieces with a stand and the bath placed on top of the stand. Standing bird baths are usually light so can be move around the yard with ease.  They are easy to clean and maintain.  Accessories can be bought to be place in the baths to circulate the water to attract more birds and deter mosquitoes from laying eggs.