About Us

World of Birdhouses is a new, single own web-based company that caters to birds.  From wild birds, to pet birds, supplying bird houses, bird feeders, bird cages, bird seed.  I do my best  to search out a variety of products to add to the store.

I began to design and build my own birdhouse for myself and family.  Always had the thought of selling my birdhouse, but to sell one style of birdhouse, would be boring and not make a very interesting web page.

Instead, it would make a more interesting web page, if I could find other manufactures or wholesaler who would allow me to sell their products on my web page.  As I made my search, I have found some very elaborate bird houses, to the very simple.  Hoping to capture a wide variety of styles.

If there is any problems with ordering, or if this web page could use some improvements, please do not hesitate to contact me at   worldofbirdhouses@gmail.com. with your ideas.  My goal is to try to make this web page interesting, colorful and easy to use and  do my best to offer you the best pricing.

Thank you for your interest.