Troyer Purple Martin Tunnel Gourd

Troyer Purple Martin Tunnel Gourd


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  • Excellent housing for Purple Martins.
  • Comes with a heavy duty twist-off cap for nest checks and cleaning.
  • One gourd per pack that is 13” deep, opaque.
  • Conley entrance to help keep out starlings.
  • The tunnel provides added protection against hawks and owls.
  • Made out of high-density polyethylene plastic.
  • The tunnel has a textured porch for perching and a internal traction pad for easy exit.
  • The gourd has hanging holes drilled front to back to be hung on a straight rod.
  • Recommended that Troyer Gourds are hung by the Deluxe Gourd Rack, Expandable Gourd Rack or Trendsetter Gourd Rack. 
  • Comes with the starling-resistant Conley 2 entrance. 
  • Made In The USA!


With the purchase of this item, you will receive a three month subscription to the Purple Martin Conservation Association, limited to one free subscription per household.


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