Heritage Farms Quad Pod Purple Martin House, 1 level🚛

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  • This house has a powder-coated steel body and roof, with plastic porches and floors.
  • Comes with the option to place round hole or crescent hole entrances.
  • Each of the four nesting boxes measures a roomy 8" x 8".
  • Three different styles of doorways allow you to choose the one which most suits your needs: traditional round entrances, crescent-shaped starling resistant openings, and solid doors to seal your house during martin migration. 
  • The units mount onto the wire support at 90 degree angles to keep nesting pairs separated and prevent males from trying to dominate several of the pods.
  • Each front porch snaps into place to lock the nest box to the wire support. This design allows you to remove and clean individual pods without disturbing the adjacent units. Snap tabs permit you to remove the roofs and inspect the nest activities of your birds. Each nesting box features an internal predator guard and integrated exercise perch, a recessed nesting cavity, drainage holes, and ventilation slots. 

The included pole mounting attachment fastens securely to the Quad Pod Purple Martin Pole System (Pole Not Included) and supports the entire structure.  Quad Pod units easily stack on top of one another to build a larger home. To house an even larger colony of purple martins, the sturdy Pole System is strong enough to support up to four Quad Pods.

Note:  The picture illustrates 3 Quad Pod Houses (3 level) and a Pole. The price and description is for only 1 Quad Pod House (1 level)  The Heritage Farms Purple Martin House Pole System and extra levels are NOT included. (purchased separately).

Crescent Hole Dimensions: 2.875"L x 1.125"H
Round Hole Dimensions: 2.125" dia.
Apartment Size: 8"L x 8"W x 8"H
Level Dimensions: 29"L x 29"W x 10"H
Mounting: pole mount
Construction: steel and plastic
Shipping Weight: 25 lb


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