Carolina Wren

Carolina Wren
Carolina Wrencarolina wren map
Carolina wren is commonly found in the dark area of the map but has been found to reach as far as the light areas of the  map.
These birds will brood 1 - 3 times a year and the clutch size is between 3 - 7 eggs.  The eggs are a white, cream or pinkish white, with rusty brown spots.  Incubation period is 12-16 days and the nestling period is 10-16 days.
They mostly feed off of moths, beetles, grasshoppers, cockroaches, caterpillars, spiders and leafhoppers.  Occasionally may eat lizards, frogs or snakes. 6% of their diet is vegetable matter such as seeds from bayberry, poison ivy, pine, weed seeds, sweet gum and some fruits.


If you want to attract the Carolina Wren to your yard by feeding them, listed below are some of the top food options these birds prefer.

 Hulled Sunflower seeds

Hulled Sunflower Seeds

Suet feeder


Peanut Hearts

Peanut Hearts



To attract the Carolina Wren to your your yard using bird feeders listed below are some feeders they prefer to use.  The pictures below are some examples of each category.


Any size, style, or shape of tube feeder can be used that is designed to be filled with hulled sunflower seeds, or peanut hearts.

Hanged seed feederHanging sunflower feeder
Any size, shape, or style of suet feeder, both a combination of suet and birdseed or just a single suet feeder.
suet feedersuet cage feeder
Any size, style and shape of hopper feeder, able to be filled with hulled sunflower seeds or peanut hearts.
Telephone bird feederhanging bird feederPost mount hopper bird feeder
Any size, style or shape of platform feeder. All the feed mention above can be place into a platform feeder.
platform bird feeder with bracketplatform squirrel bird feeder
Any style, size or shape of meal worm feeders can be used.

Mealworm feederHanging mealworm feeder



Any style and shape of birdhouse that is closely related to interior dimensions of a 4" x 4" floor to a 5.5"W x 6.5"L floor.   Walls that are 6" - 8" in height, an entry hole that is 4" - 6" above the floor and 1.5 inches diameter.  The entry hole can face in any direction 3' to 10' off the ground and they prefer shaded areas.  If your going to place more than  one birdhouse for the Carolina Wren, space your birdhouses 330' apart to avoid territorial denomination.

Wren birdhousehanging wren houseCarolina Wren Birdhouse


The Carolina Wren can have a slotted hole of 1 1/8" to 2 1/2 instead of a round hole.  Meaning; the distance from the top of the front panel to the bottom of the roof is 1 1/8 inches apart and can be the width of the house.  See the illustration below for a better understanding. (The picture of the birdhouse below is for bluebirds, so the slot is larger than 1 1/8", but the idea is the same).  Wrens are about the only bird, that can live in a hanging birdhouse, even though it is not necessary to hang their house, mounting a wrens houses will work also.

Bluebird house


Wrens are about the only birds that do not mind a birdhouse that sways in the wind, when the birdhouse is hung by a chain or nylon rope.  Even though it is not necessary to buy one of these type of birdhouses.

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  • Sue - December 02, 2020

    Thank you for the artical. I have a lot of arena just love 💘💘 them. They have beautiful songs . Their always at my feeders. They build in my wren houses every year.

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