Western Bluebird

Western Bluebird
Image by Don's Photostream 
By looking at the map, you can see where the nesting area for the Western Bluebird occurs.
The Western Bluebird has 1 -3 broods a year with a clutch size of 2-8 eggs that are a pale blue and sometimes can be white. Incubation period is 12 - 17 days and nesting period is 18 - 25 days.
Western Bluebird diet is mostly insects and in the winter when insects are low, they rely on fruits and seeds


If you want to attract the Western Bluebird to your yard by feeding them, listed below are some food options these birds prefer.


Peanut Hearts




Live Meal Worms

Dried Meal Worms



Western Bluebirds have been known to use a variety of bird feeders. But the two types of bird feeders listed below, are feeders the Western Bluebird prefers.  The pictures below are some examples.


Any type of mealworm feeder can be used.  Some mealworm feeders may not work as well as others to attract the bluebird to your yard. Watch this video how one birder was able to train bluebirds to eat from his feeder. "How To Train Bluebirds"


Any size, shape or style can be used.  All the food mentioned above can be placed on a platform feeder; also known as a tray feeder or fly thru feeder.


Any size, shape or design with the interior dimensions of a 5" x 5" floor to a 5.5" x 5.5" floor.  Interior height 8" - 12".  Entry hole 1.5" diameter that is 6"-10" above the floor.  You can place your house 4'-6' high facing the entry hole to the east towards an open area.  If you plan to to place more than one box for the Western Bluebird, place your nest boxes 215' apart to avoid territorial denomination.

Pictures below are some examples of Eastern Bluebird houses.

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