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American Robin

American RobinAmerican Robin Map
The darker area towards the north of the map, in Canada is where the American Robin heads north in the spring, the lighter shade shows the location of the bird all year round and the darker area to the south, in Mexico, is where the Robin can go  during the winter time.
American Robin can have 1 - 3 broods a year with a clutch size of 3 - 7 eggs, that can be a light blue to a greenish blue.  The incubation period is 12-14 days and the nesting period is 13-16 days
Diet consist of insects, berries and earthworms.


Listed below are some of the food options the American Robin prefer. Test out your luck, with some of the choices listed below the next time you fill your bird feeder.



Peanut Hearts

Peanut Hearts

Hulled Sunflower Seeds

Hulled Sunflower Seeds




Dried Meal Worms

Live Meal Worms


Attracting the a Robin to your yard with a bird feeder can be tricky. Robins are ground feeders, so a platform feeder is your best choice for the robin. Place the feeder low to the ground and even on the ground. The pictures below are some examples of the different types of platform feeders you may want to consider. 


Any size, shape, or style can be used.  All  the food mention above can be placed on a platform feeder.  Also known as tray feeders and fly thru feeders.

Platform FeederGround FeederGround Bird Feeder


Providing a robin with a bird house is a great idea, but getting a robin to use a bird house is very difficult, if not impossible to do, but can be done. Robins are not cavity dwellers; meaning they do not like to nest in enclose surroundings, such as inside of a tree or in an enclosed box.  They prefer to nest in open areas like on tree branches, gutters and eaves on your house, even on outdoor fixtures.  This is why when choosing a bird house for the robin, it has an open front with open sides or sides that do not extend to the front of the bird house.

The greatest advantage having a robin birdhouse, is your able to see everything that happens, from the female making the nest, to laying the eggs, seeing the eggs hatch and watching the mother feed the nestlings. Since the birdhouse is not enclosed, your able to see day to day activity, that you would not normally see with birds that use enclosed birdhouses.

Any size, shape, or design can be used with the interior dimensions closely related to a 7" x 8" floor, with an interior height of 8".   You can hang your house anywhere from 5'-25' high, facing the opening in any direction.  If you plan to place more than one robin house, place your nest boxes 65' apart to avoid territorial denomination.

Listed below, are some examples of what Robin Houses look like.