Buying a birdhouse? Things to consider

Buying a birdhouse? Things to consider


Lots of styles to choose from, to the very elaborate to a do it yourself kit. Ones that are made from wood, metal and plastic. Birdhouses that house one family to a 100 or more birds. So what one do I buy?

3 Thoughts to consider

1. What type of bird are you wanting to attracted or already have in your yard.

Once you  have decided what bird, then you can find a bird house that fits the dimensions of the bird. Such as entrance hole dimensions, floor size and distance from the floor to the entrance hole.


wood duck

Such as a wood duck, they require and entrance hole of 4" and a floor size of 10" x 19" and the distance from the floor to the entrance hole between 12" - 16".  While a wren requires a smaller entrance hole 1 1/4" and a floor size of 4" x 4" and entrance hole height from floor between 4" - 6". So the style of the house does not really matter as long the dimensions of the birdhouse fits the bird.  The style will be a personal choice and there are plenty to choose from.

2. The landscape of your yard.


Birds such as bluebirds, like an open area and robins, woodpeckers and chickadees prefer some tree cover.

3. Material of the birdhouse

Metal birdhouses should be avoided as they can heat up in summer months and provide no insulation from extreme temperatures. Wood birdhouses, provides the best insulation in  extreme cold or heat. The thicker the wood, the better the insulation is.

Other considerations


When buying a birdhouse, make sure you have access to get inside the birdhouse so you are able to clean the inside from debris, the house has some ventilation and drain holes, or some  way for moisture to escape if any happens to get inside.  A perch is not recommended either, since it can provide predators  to gain a greater grip on the bird house, and birds do not really need a perch.

Non-toxic paints and stains are okay on a birdhouse, as long as the interior of the birdhouse is free from paint and stains. Water-base products are a good choice, but if you choose to paint your own bird house, keep the paint to a light color, to reflect heat.

Now you just have to install your birdhouse:

You have some choices, you can mount your bird house to a pole, a post, backboard, a flat surface or hang it in a tree.  But keep in mind, wrens are about the only bird that can withstand a hanging birdhouse.  

So these are some ideas, too keep in mind when choosing your birdhouse, to help  birds find their ideal spot  to nest. The style is entirely up too you?  Good luck on your search, there are plenty of choices for you to choose from.


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