Mountain Bluebird

Mountain Bluebird
Mountain BluebirdMountain Bluebird Map
The Mountain Bluebird is found  darker areas of the map all the way down to Mexico during the winter months.  Spring and summer months the Mountain bluebird heads north to the lighter grey area all the way up to Canada during the breeding months.  The area that is the darkest between the two shades, is where the bluebird is all year-round.
Average two broods a year and have a clutch size anywhere from 4 - 8 eggs that are a pale blue.  Incubation is about 13-17 days
There diet is mostly insects as the hover just above the ground looking for them.  There diet also includes berries which they depend on during the winter months.


If you wish to attract Mountain Bluebirds to your yard, listed below are some of the food options these birds prefer.

 Peanut Hearts

Peanut Hearts








Mountain bluebirds will eat out of different feeders but what is listed below is the type of feeder Mountain Bluebirds prefer.


Any type of mealworm feeder can be used.  If you are using a mealworm feeder the bluebirds have to enter, make sure the entry hole or wire openings are atleast 1 9/16".  Sometimes bluebirds will not use these feeders.

Hanging Mealworm FeederMesh Tray Mealworm Feeder


Any size or style of platform feeder, also know as (fly thru and tray feeders), which will be able to hold the feed mentioned above.  You may have better luck if the platform feeder is low to the ground.  Listed below are just some eg. of the many choices you can choose from.

Hanging Platform FeederFly thru feeder


Any style and shape of birdhouse that is closely related to the interior dimensions of a 5" x 5" floor to a 5.5" x 5.5" floor. Interior height from floor to roof anywhere from 6" to 12" and a entrance hole of 1 9/16 in diameter that is 4" to 10" from the floor. or 2" from the roof.  Placed 4' to 10' high, and facing east.  If you plan to place more than one bluebird house, place 300' apart to avoid territorial denomination.  Listed below are some eg. of the many choices you have for bluebird houses.

Bluebird HouseBluebird house


Some bluebird houses are sold with an oval entrance or a slot entrance like shown above.

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