How To Train Bluebirds

How To Train Bluebirds

There are many types of bluebird feeders, but feeders bluebirds are most reluctant to use, will be a feeder they will have to enter.  Usually feeders for bluebirds get filled with live mealworms or dry mealworms but some bluebird feeders will also support fruit and jelly.

The video below will show you how one birder was able to train his bluebirds to use an enclosed feeder.

Similar feeders can be found in "Mealworm Bird Feeders"

Rarely does a bluebird figure out how to use an enclosed feeder on there own.  Some ways to train bluebirds, if they are near by, is to use an open feeder, such as a platform feeder or a little glass feeder that hangs off of a hook, or something around your home, like a small plastic container, a clear one would work best, since the bluebirds will be able to see the mealworms. 

  1. Take your training feeder, such as the platform feeder or the plastic feeder you found around your house and place it at the same height as your enclosed mealworm feeder. Eventually the bluebirds will see there are mealworms inside your enclosed feeder thru the plexiglass or screen on the enclosed feeder, since they will be at eye height from the training feeder you have placed beside it.
  2. Or you can just use your training feeder for a few days, until the bluebirds feel comfortable going to the same location.  Then switch your training feeder with your enclosed feeder.  The bluebirds might wonder what is going on. But they might be curious enough to fly around and see what you have replaced your training feeder with.  You may have to leave your training feeder still out and beside your enclosed feeder, until you see them going inside.  
  3. Some people have luck just by placing food in the feeder and then whistling, as if they are talking to them.  Or use a bell or some calling noises.
  4. If you have bluebirds living in a bluebird house.  You can place a feeder near their house, once they get use to the feeder, keep moving it away from the birdhouse, a little bit each day, until it is a safe distance away from the birdhouse.  This way, it will not bring added attention to the birdhouse, if you have predators. 

Trying one of these ways or a combination of them, should help bluebirds be attracted the the feeder you bought for them.

It does take time and patience to train a bluebird.  But once they find you are feeding them mealworms (their favorite food) they will be trying to train you to feed them whenever they get hungry.

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