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Eastern Bluebird



Blue head, back and wings, red chest and throat, with a white belly.


Likes to live in meadows, openings surrounded by trees, parks, and yards that are not dense with foliage.  Prefer open grassy areas.  Eastern Bluebirds are cavity-nesting birds; meaning, they look for used woodpecker holes, dead or decaying trees, or some kind of open cavity.  This is why bluebirds love birdhouses.


The diet mostly consists of insects and they do enjoy fruit.   This is why gardeners, farmers, and people who enjoy spending time in yards, enjoy having these birds around.  Not just for their colorful site, but they provide a natural source of insect control. Rarely will you see an eastern bluebird, at bird feeder with seeds.  If you want to attract an eastern bluebird to your yard, set out a bird feeder with meal worms.

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