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White-Breasted Nuthatch

White-Breasted Nuthatch

White-Breasted NuthatchedWhite-Breasted Nuthatched

On the wings and back, of the nuthatch, can look like a pale blue to gray color and the face, breast and belly are white. 

The nuthatch is attracted to bird feeders that carry sunflower seeds or suet.  Nuthatches get their name from burying nuts or seeds in crevices of a tree and then breaking (hatching) them open with their bills.  Also known to move upside-down along tree trunks and branches, as they forage for insects.



 White-Breasted Nuthatched birdhouse

Birdhouse interior dimensions can very  anywhere from a 4" x 4" floor to 5.5" x 5.5" floor to as big as 6"W x  8.5"D floor but all seem to agree the height of the birdhouse should be between  8" to 10" or possibly  as high as 12.5", with an entrance hole of 1.25" that is 6" to 8" above the floor.  Allowing the consumer to choose from a variety of birdhouse styles. Place the nest box anywhere from 5' to 20' facing south

Keep in mind; White-breasted nuthatches prefer to nest in a natural cavity or an old woodpecker hole and can nest as high as 60'. Making it uncommon for a white-breasted nuthatches to use a birdhouse. Even though sometimes they do. If you are unable to attract one of these birds to your birdhouse, many other birds will make use of your house