Bird watching (Gardening is No. 1) is now the second most popular hobby in the USA and the hobby can be brought to your own back yard. Birds will be more attracted seeing water in a bird bath than seeing a bird house or bird feeder in your yard. A Solar Bird Bath is a fantastic idea to add to your yard or garden decor, since it gives you more advantages than other bird baths can. Solar bird baths give you the freedom to place your bird bath anywhere in your yard, garden or patio, compared to electric bird baths, since there are no wires, extension cords, or outdoor electrical outlets needed. Plus it can also enhance an outdoor area! Both from the design of the bird bath and the colorful birds that will be in your yard.






Solar bird baths have become increasingly popular, so the variety of choices have also increased.

Solar Glass Bird Baths

With glass solar bird baths, you have two functional options. One choosing a solar bird bath with LED lights or two, a solar bird bath that is a fountain bird bath. Usually the solar panels are built into the bathing area. Most glass solar bird baths just offer LED lighting, unlike the one that is show in the picture. (Solar Fountain Bath) Another option, a glass solar bird bath offers, they can be used as a bird feeder that will light up at night.

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Solar Ceramic Bird Baths

Ceramic Bird Baths over all are durable and solid, so they are unlikely to be blown over on windy days. They are much easier to clean than more porous bird baths such as concrete. Solar Ceramic Bird Baths are mostly powered by the sun to be fountain bird baths.

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Solar Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC).

GFRC is basically a mixture of fine sand, cement, polymer and glass fibers. When compared to similar items made out of concrete, it can be as much as 75% lighter and have a very high strength-to-weight ratio. There are many bird baths made from this material, since you can make the appearance look like marble, terracotta, slate or stone. Other advantages is that it is durable, does not rust or corrode and is environmental friendly.

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Solar Resin and Polyresin Bird Baths, Fountains.

Can be made with a combination of poly, poly resin or with fiberglass. Resin is best at resisting peeling, wearing, and cracking. Also, it is corrosion resistant and can withstand environmental and chemical deterioration.

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An unwanted problem could occur with bird baths sold as non-fountain baths, water can get stagnant pretty quickly and it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. To solve this problem, you can replace the water regularly (which can get to be a bit of a chore). A better idea is to purchase one of the solar fountain bird baths or install a bird bath accessory to keep the water moving. Not only will the moving water keep away mosquitoes, but the sound of moving water will be heard by the birds from a distance, which will attract song birds to your yard!

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